The evening adhan informes us that the day is over, the children stopped playing the ball and ran for home. Playmates would always be the children of our neighbors. We played together with the children of our neighbors, we went to school together, we did naughty together and we grow up together. Often we ate lunch with our friends at our home or at the neighbor’s home. Neither our family nor our neighbors would be disturbed by a large group of children. In the past, our neighbors was knocking our door before a distant relative at the time of a wedding, disease or a funeral.

It can be assumed that these are taken from a television series or imagined. Today this lifestyle continues to live in many villages, towns and even cities of Anatolia. In the metropolis, the situation is very bad compared to Anatolia, and according to Europe it is slightly better.

Modern life has brought humanity and individual pleasures to nature by separating nature from nature and individual human relations. As a result, people’s business life, urban architecture, entertainment sector and human relations have begun to take shape again. Whatever is good, natural, appealing to the spiritual world of mankind and the past has disappeared among the reels of this new lifestyle. This situation caused the common values that hold society together to go out of our lives. As a result, “loneliness” has started to become the closest friend of the modern man, to fill our nursing homes, and to give place to sincere friendships. Neighborhood, then relatives, and lastly family relationships, are worn out.

In order for a person, who is the basic building stone of society, to continue his life in a healthy way, the peace of his family, as well as his work, street, friend environment and neighborhood relations must be healthy. Neighborhood relations are one of the important elements of this healthy integrity.

Neighborhood is the integrity of our society is one of the most important values that security and unwavering bonds emerge,. We share our great little needs, our gratitude, our happiness with our neighbors first. Neighborhood is so valuable that many proverbs and idioms on our case have become a part of our everyday life. The words such as “Do not take a house, take a neighbor”, “Neighbor is in need of neighbor’s ash” emphasize the importance of neighborhood rights. Immediately after the Qur’an, which commands God to be faithful and forbids companions, parents and relatives, orphans and the poor are ordered to do good to their distant and close neighbors, as well as to them. Prophet Muhammad expresses how important neighborliness is to neighboring right: “Gabriel recommended me to do good to my neighbor so that I almost thought his neighbors would make neighbors heirs”

We have decided that the concept of neighborhood which we believe to be of great importance to society is the subject of this year’s Short Film Competition. The fact that our first and second competitions have been patronized of the presidency reminds us of the importance and magnitude of our responsibility for this short film.

Mayor of Cekmekoy